How Rap Artists Have Had Their Breaks Into Stardom

Who You Know And How You Market Your Music
Marketing your music is an essential ingredient in reaching stardom. This is particularly true for rap as it is for blues, folk, jazz and rock. However, a lot of rap artists have been discovered on the street as well as online. In this sense, becoming discovered is a rare and unusually random process. Record producers will stumble into a nightclub and see a performer, and it is from this method that a lot of rap artists have landed record deals.

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The Underground Rap Artists Who Make A Difference

Underground rap artists have been making a difference in music for decades, and some have gained national exposure after years of rapping and hard work in the underground music industry. Sugarhill Gang was one of the first underground rap groups to take their successful underground careers into a mainstream world around 1979. Since then, more underground rap artists – and labels – have emerged, making underground music a success and stepping-stone.

Some of the underground rap artists that have made a difference for aspiring rappers of today include:

Killer Mike
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The First Rap Artists Who Made A Difference

One of the pioneers of the rap genre, Grandmaster Flash created techniques that are still commonly used in today’s recording sessions. Cutting, back spinning, and phasing were all innovations that he brought to the game during the late 1970s and early 1980s on tracks such as The Message, The Roof is On Fire, and White Lines.

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The History Of Rap Music And The Future

Contrary to what mainstream society may say, rap music has grown up right on time.

In its infancy during the time of Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash, the lyrics were infantile by today’s standards, though they were honest and forthright.

Through Rakim, rap music showcased a precocious childhood. Anyone paying close attention would have been able to see its potential then.

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Rappers: Christmas Music?

We’ve been watching a lot of old movies on our channels this holiday season and it got us thinkingwouldn’t Christmas movies be better with rap soundtracks? Here are a few of the rap artists we wish would consider coming out with some holiday tunes next year
Will Smith: We know calling Big Willie a rapper’s a bit of a stretch but can you imagine what kind of rhymes he’d put down when it comes to the holidays? Come on Will, bring us the tunes!
L.L.Cool J: He hasn’t done much in years but LL sure knows how to bring the party, so why not the Christmas party? He’s just mainstream enough to make this new hypothetical genre work and we can see our parents jumping on the bandwagon, too
Rihanna: She’s got the golden voice that’s perfect for transitioning from melodies to verses and she knows how to keep the beat up. Rihanna is so hot right now she can’t do anything wrong which is why she’s perfect for bringing about a new wave in Christmas music.

The Easiest Way To Compose A Rap Song

Writing a rap song is a creative form of expression. Whether you want to share your raps with others or for personal enjoyment, it can be a way to express your personality and help you deal with the trials of life. Here are some tips to getting you started composing your own rap songs.

Write what you know.
To keep your rap songs personal and relevant to your own life and others’, discuss topics that you’re most familiar with. This could mean previous relationships, challenges in your family life, or any of the day to day struggles that you face. Read the rest of this entry »

Rap Music And Its Artists Today

Rap music has come from a long line of artists who began the genre in an attempt to protest the modern society that they believe wronged them throughout the years. Created by African Americans who were tired of listening to a system that never seemed to care about them, Rap has evolved into something completely different over the years. It’s more akin to the punk music of the 70s, which was also started out of a pure hatred for the political Read the rest of this entry »

Famous Rap Songs That Have Had An Influence

Rap is one of the most controversial types of music. The reason it is so controversial is because it dares to speak on real life crime and violence. Sometimes it has been taken the wrong way and rappers who were simply telling stories about their lives have been viewed as being fans of violence. There have also been rappers who were viewed as womanizers and woman haters. Tupac Shakur was one of those rappers.

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Famous Rap Artists Making A Difference Today

Rap often gets a well, bad rap, excuse the pun. Many people think of rap artists as “gangsters” and “thugs” and maybe many of the artists in this genre portray themselves as such, but this is not always the case. There are quite a few artists in rap today that are making a tremendous difference in the world whether through community involvement, financial charitable contributions or through using their fame for something great.

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